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Dynamic Clarifiers


Dynamic clarifiers are designed for high quantity of water to be treated.

Other than the classic gravity principle and the use of flocculants, the dynamic clarifier is provided with a rotary mopping system, which allow a faster mud deposit on the bottom of the clarifier.

Are available together with the clarifiers, many accessories of highest quality and international availability, such as sensors,  control systems and others accessories necessary for our customer’s satisfaction.

Dynamic clarifiers  are normally hot-dip galvanized, in order to protect the machine from typical damages from site operations, but are also available painted upon request; they can also be customized in the application of our customer logo and any further personalization.

Dynamic Clarifiers
Dynamic Clarifiers

Dynamic Clarifiers

Next you will find some technical details regarding our Dynamic Clarifiers with dimensions and capacities divided by product code. Click on the image to zoom.
Clicking on the button below you can find technical data sheet in PDF.
For further details or personalization to our standard products, as in the gallery examples above, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Data sheet
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