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Clarifiers : what are they?

What is a clarifier and what is it for?

A clarifier is a device used for water treatment, it can be in various shapes and functionalities, but the main principle consists of filling the clarifier with the liquid which has to be purified, and thanks to the force of gravity the solid particles to be eliminated will fall on the bottom, so the purified liquids will remain on the top of the machine to be extracted.
To fasten the process the most modern clarifiers have a mopping system which convoy the impurities to the center of the clarifier.

Clarifiers Versions

Poggi S.p.a. design and produce clarifiers since 1945


Static Clarifiers

Static clarifiers are based on gravity principle, allowing solid particles to fall on the bottom, purifying the water on the top, convoyed with a pump in a tank or a pit.

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Dynamic Clarifiers

Dynamic clarifier, other than containing more water than static ones, uses a rotative arm system, which allow a faster deposit of the mud on the bottom, the purified water is collected from the top, and convoyed with a pump to a tank or a pit.

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